“The car business creates a lot of smoke and mirrors and my philosophy has always been to combat that and give the car business a better reputation through honesty and transparency.”

Brentley Carr Jones


Who is the Carrguy?

I like to call myself an automotive concierge company that specializes in exotic and classic cars buying, selling, and restoration. Also I deal in new and pre-owned purchases and leasing as well as vehicle shipping. I will buy any used vehicle and guarantee to beat CarMax pricing. I have attached how I do what I do as well as how I charge my clients and make money. I like to be completely transparent with people. I want them to know how I am making money. The car business creates a lot of smoke and mirrors and my philosophy as always been to combat that and give the car business a better reputation through honesty and transparency.

What are your acquisition rates?

Commission is a percentage scale per pre-owned sold vehicle after delivery before tax, title and lic :

Below $30K

$30K – $60K

$60K – $120K

$120K – $200K

More than $200K


What are your broker fees?

fee on any new vehicle sold after delivery

Do you do any automotive consulting?

I am happy to offer this sevice, and charge $250 per hour to do so!

What are your broker fees on Restoration Projects?

fee per sold and delivered restoration

Where do you source your cars from?

Online and physical auctions ( Manheim, Adesa, Smart Auction, Openlane The Dealers Forum)
Dealerships with distressed or aged inventory
Book Sheet Sales – I have relationships with Book Sheet Sales Companies that will call me
Search Engines – this is my stong suit. I have a skill set to which I can source private party vehicles online

Where and how will my car be sold?

There are several avenues that I can sell my inventory and I put every vehicle through the same process.  Once I purchase it I put the vehicle on several retail and wholesale websites with a condition report and several photos.
Retail sites – cars, auto trader, autotropolis, craigslist, pcg digital, eBay
Wholesale sites– ove.com, open lane, smart auction, dealers forum
  1. I first look at the list of clients I have looking for a vehicle.
  2. The next avenue is dealerships.  I typically know what type cars sell in the CA market and have a good idea of what most stores are looking for in regards to inventory.
  3. The last avenue is the auction. I look at auction results from several different auctions in CA, NV, TX, OR, and AZ to find the best place to put the vehicle. Sometimes different areas bring more money for certain types of vehicles.

What about Classic and Exotic Restoration / Buying / Selling / Brokering

I have relationships with top body shops and mechanics specific to the brand or classic or exotic vehicle I am trying buying or selling. I charge a percentage of what the selling price of the vehicle.  This is a very transparent way to charge a commission because it show my client how much I make exactly and the purchase price of the vehicle so they can see that even after paying my percentage they are still saving money
I have had the most success in working with Barrett Jackson and Mecum for these types of cars. I have a close relationship with both auctions so I am able to position the vehicles I have running in a way that brings the most realized gross profit.

What types of transportation services do you offer?

I have several different trucking companies I use for local transport of vehicles from the auction to the my storage warehouse where my vehicles are located. I also use a wholesale trucking dispatch company that finds trucks with empty loads and dispatches vehicles to be picked up by those trucks. Since a truck might already be traveling to Los Angeles from Dallas for example, I can get a discount because the driver will take the vehicle at a reduced rate since he has space and is not full of vehicles.